Purva Phalguni 15th August, 2015 – Time Better Spent

Chances are that it is not going as well as you would like. Perhaps it’s not even going at all. And this is something that is highly unnerving to you and will drive you to distraction if you let it do so. Sometimes it is possible to get into a space where feeling sorry for your plight brings a perverse pleasure. But this is nothing but a waste of time that could be better spent. How you might ask? By looking at a couple of things which will be exceptionally helpful. Firstly, rather than burn with frustration, instead use that same energy to get rid of all of the internal blocks which impede your success. Secondarily, choose to see a pause in the action as a time for reflection and insight. Listen to the wisdom that is on offer to you both from without and within. Allow it to guide your next steps and you stand less of a chance of faltering!


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