Purva Ashadha 5th February, 2016 – Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

You are becoming cleansed, more whole. Whereas previously you might have been willing to don a certain attitude in order to achieve your aims, you have arrived at a space where you know better than to do so. You know the path you are now on to be your God-given Dharma. And whilst you are right, there is no need to wear it as a badge or to fly it up a pole. Instead, you need only do it because it is right. You can see the potential stability offered by a particular approach, but putting your heart behind it is a far cry from wearing your heart on your sleeve! You need not shout to be seen or dazzle to be bright!


Daily Panchanga

Vara: Venus
Tithi: Krishna Dvadasi
Gara: Taitila
Yoga: Vajra

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