Peeling Paint! – Moon in Purva Ashadha 24th September, 2020

The paint is beginning to peel! And as it does, you can see a layer of colour beneath that is not to your liking! Suddenly, you understand that something you thought was okay was really covering over something you are absolutely not okay with! So you are unhappy! Do you simply pretend that you are okay with the cracking paint? Do you strip the cracking paint down to the ugly colour beneath? Do you simply paint over the old paint! Or do you strip it down altogether to create something different? You are not inclined to pretend anymore! You’re not satisfied with the state of affairs! Good for you! When you stop pretending, you stand a greater chance of not getting in your own way! Then true progress can be had!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Jupiter
Tithi: Shukla Navami
Karana: Baalava
Yoga: Sobhana





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