Of Two Minds! – Mars Retrograde in Ashwini 9th September-15th October, 2020

Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer

You are of two minds in regard to how you should proceed! Because of the obstacles you are facing, you find yourself questioning your strategies of previous months. After all, if they have led to this outcome, they must be wrong…right? Wrong! Oh Damnit…there we go again! The resistance you are facing places you at a crossroads! This is a pivotal point in your year and the pressure may feel rather intense! But not all of your efforts have been wasted and a few have simply not yet had time to bear out their fruits. The thing is, you are not sure you have the luxury of waiting. But presently, you may have to adopt a bit of patience. You are not as powerless as you think! You are simply in a period of review and refinement. Use this time wisely!





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