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Of Two Hearts – Moon in Anuradha September 30th, 2022

Moon in Anuradha – Why can’t you see? Can’t you understand how this hurt me? These may be words you say to a lover, or a friend…perhaps even yourself! A revisiting of a situation can allow an opportunity for healing! But, we cannot disacknowledge the pain we have felt. But our emotions are our own, not necessarily that of another, unless of course in the case of self-reconciliation. Regardless of whether this is an external relationship in your life, or you simply working on self-forgiveness, the root of the issue is within your own domain! That is not a fault, but an empowering responsibility! Accept it and amazing things can happen!

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Vara: Venus
Tithi: Shukla Panchami
Karana: Baalava
Yoga: Ayushman

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