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Not Particularly Funny! – New Moon in Purva Phalguni 30th Aug, 2019

Human beings can be very particular creatures! The funny thing about it is that we generally all have very different ‘particulars’ that we want to see fulfilled! So with that being the case, the fulfilment of one individual will inevitably lead to the lack of fulfilment of another! You now see potential, but somewhere along the line the actualisation of your desires is getting frustrated! Someone else may see things differently! Whilst you are striving for a solution that fits for all, you find yourself with options that will not fit for you! But, there is a need for discernment that goes far above desires and focuses on what is needed! With the New Moon in Purva Phalguni, both yourself and another will likely have to adapt to a more flexible path based upon what is ultimately right!

Daily Panchanga
Vara: Venus
Tithi: New Moon Amavasya
Karana: Naaga
Yoga: Siddha

Still a few weeks to go before the Full Moon of Mid-September! But, there is only a week to go before the Group Session on this Full Moon where I will be looking at this event in relation to the horoscopes of all attendees! You can Register Here!





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