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New Threads – Moon in Krittika February 26th, 2023

Moon in Krittika – You can’t restore what once was! When you pick up the pieces, they don’t fit together in quite the way that they used to. Things may seem broken in one area or another. But things fall apart because they are meant to not be held together any longer. So rather than take the threads that you are holding and trying to weave back together what you once had, why not create something much more colourful and wonderful. That opportunity is open to you now, if you want it!

Show me the money! Let’s face it, it’s what we all want to know about and especially so during turbulent economic times. So, I have put together a New Package for you called the Money Map designed to help you to improve your relationship to Abundance at an Introductory Rate of $333 for the 3 Session Package! Schedule Here!

Vara: Sun
Tithi: Shukla Saptami
Karana: Vanija
Yoga: Vaidhriti

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