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New Moon in Sagittarius December 2013

It’s time to begin to think – and do business – in a new way. And, with a New Year soon in the offing, what better time could there be to direct our thoughts into more inspiring, hopeful and harmonious thought and action patterns?

Sometimes, we need to be ‘shocked’ rather radically, forcefully and shockingly out of our former habitual thought and action processes. We need to be taken right down to the wire; to places where we’d rather much not have to look. And all because, if we were not to do so, then we might simply never ‘see the light’ of the truth waiting to be witnessed right in front of our eyes.

Plutonian Chronicles
Plutonian Chronicles

Yes, this process can be intensely emotionally painful. We have to be proverbially ‘reborn’ – transformed – in order to begin afresh. And, as any woman who has given birth will attest, then giving birth is not something to be taken lightly at the moment of its occurrence! But, what they will also hopefully attest to, is the fact that very soon afterwards, the sense of joy at the presence of a new life to which they have given birth more than makes up for any sense of physical and emotional ‘labour’ endured.

As the week progresses, so the energy will shift from one of poisonous darkness and spiritual travail, to one of the light and inspiring feeling of holding that precious potential of new life in one’s hands. It is there for the shaping; and, in the process, we must tend it most carefully in order to ensure its blossoming. Think about what all of that new creativity could become. But, first of all, we will need to let go of elements of the past; in particular, elements of the past which we have revisited in some manner over the course of the past few weeks. It’s time to acknowledge the harsh truths which have come to light – and, to move on from any dark energy which has surrounded them.

From hereonin, be prepared to relinquish old habits of thinking and acting which, somewhere deep down inside, you know to be holding you back from creating something more harmonious, hopeful and healthy for your life. The pain will pass. And then, soon, you’ll become witness to a whole new and inspiring horizon of opportunity.

I wish you well. PC

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  1. Spoken with a great depth of wisdom! Only when we shed our skin can we shine with a great luminescence.

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