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New Moon in Sagittarius December, 2013 – The Road Ahead or the Path Behind?

Wisdom of the most arcane type does not come easily to a mind that is filled with ‘knowing’. It can only reveal itself to an intellect that has gone silent and is therefore receptive to the boon bestowed upon it. Power of the truest sort cannot be wielded by one who is arrogant and teeming with self-inflation. Ego run rampant blocks access to the wellspring of pure potential which flows from the centre of one’s being. Where there is the desire to embark upon a new journey, we must first put the old behind us for two paths cannot be traversed simultaneously when they lead in opposite directions.

Something new and exciting is beginning to open to awareness which is willing to receive it. Where in your life is there a way of living which you have long desired to see the end of? It can happen now. Or, at the very least, the seeds can be planted and nourished so that they soon bear fruit. But, you have to really want it.

It’s odd how we can become nostalgic about our pain and trauma, hanging on to them with a tight-fisted grip bringing about the very same stagnant environment that we purport to avoid.

On Tuesday 3rd November, 12:22 GMT the Moon is new in the sign of Sagittarius and the Vedic Lunar Mansion of Jyeshtha. This New Moon will be forming a harmonious angle to Uranus in Aries and Uttara Bhadrapada. A spark can now catch and build to a flame which fuels the engines of progress. Something seemingly impossible can soon become very likely. Could it be that your own attitude and approach has been blocking the very result you are trying to attain? Have you been giving in because success seems very unrealistic? Remember that reality is, to some degree, malleable. The choice is yours to decide whether you wish to allow that to work for, or against you. To decide that you know nothing can help to open you to receive quite a lot. To harbour humility and respect towards your own innate power, rather than resentment towards it grants you the responsibility necessary to wield it. Are you ready? You can be should you truly wish. Be willing to take the action which supports your dreams rather than continuing the steps which deny you access.

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  1. As always, written with wisdom and warmth. Your knowledge of Vedic astrology combined with spiritual sensitivity are a great gift. Thank you.

  2. Many thanks for your comments Plutonian Chronicles. Excellent to share years of writing with you. Your words come as a true complement as I respect your writing with a great depth of intensity! 🙂

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