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Mercury Trines Uranus December 2013

Do you ever stop to think about how much faith is placed into the realm of computer technology? Have you noticed how, gradually, subtly, over time we have begun to delegate our human intelligence and judgement to the calculations and cyber judgements of computer chips? And, how many humans are now rather too easily lulled in to a false sense of security by assurances of computerised ‘privacy‘ settings, leading to their using social media as the next generation of a personal diary … to which they now seek the added approbation from cyber ‘friends‘.

It is, perhaps, an understandable human trait to seek ‘popularity‘ and peer approval – in addition to the familial kind. We are, after all, thinking feeling human beings – not computerised robots! But when, as a result of social media, we begin to judge ourselves upon how many cyber ‘friends‘, ‘likes‘ and ‘followers‘ we have, then it may perhaps be time for a humanised ‘reality check‘.

And,of course, it is no longer any ‘secret‘ that our ‘privacy‘ when using the internet can be anything but ‘private‘.

It is Time to re-evaluate our relationship with telecommunications and the realm of computer ‘control‘ over that of human control. All things have both a positive and negative polarity. Where there is a lop-sided leaning too far towards the negative, now is an advantageous period during which to undertake some rebalancing works.

To remain human, we must BE human. We must not relinquish our innate intuition, powers of perception and unique human judgement to cold, robotic, scientific methodology in the form of computerised technology. We are not ‘numbers‘ to be conveniently fitted into stereotypical computer regulated ‘boxes‘. Neither are we human fodder with which to feed those who would manipulate, and abuse personal and institutional power through the use of the internet, and social media.

Plutonian Chronicles
Plutonian Chronicles

Don‘t remain lulled into unrealistic states of false cyber ‘security‘. If you don‘t know someone personally, and communicate with them outside the realm of social media, how can you be sure of their authenticity? Your heart is, and will remain, your best ‘inner compass’. But, even hearts can be duped by those with sufficient dark intent.

The Universe now simply asks us to pause, and reflect upon our relationship with the internet; with telecommunications in general.  And, with our shifting perceptions of ‘reality‘.  PC

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