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Mercury Retrograde, Astrology’s Problem Child?

authenticsignMercury, this week begins its retrograde motion at 6 degrees 13 minutes in the sign of Libra at 5:44 am GMT, and will, during its retrograde period, cross back over into the sign of Virgo. It will return to its direct motion on the 29th September.

Mercury retrograde periods are often misunderstood. The propensity for cars and computers to malfunction along with other electronic equipment, and for communications to go awry is one effect that these periods do coincide with. However, Mercury retrograde is actually quite beneficial, and also quite necessary.

So, what exactly does it mean when a planet is retrograde? It appears to move backwards across the zodiac from the perspective from which we experience it. But, of course, a little bit of common sense would let us know that it is not possible for a planet to move backwards in its orbit. This backward motion is created by the difference in orbital speed between the planet going retrograde and the earth.

Imagine, if you will, a carousel. If one is on the inner ring, the horses on the outer ring will seem to be moving backwards due to the difference in speeds between the two rings, but of course, the horses are moving forwards. Mercury is closer to the Sun than the Earth, but it changes its speed during its orbit of the Sun, hence the illusion of backwards motion.

When a planet is retrograde, the energy to which it is related becomes more internalised, rather than external. Mercury is the planet of communication, but it is also connected with movement. Its retrograde periods, whilst making it difficult for communication to take place in the outside world, cause us to strike up a dialogue with ourselves and become more pensive, reflective and intuitive.

If we moved through life without a break for perspective, how would we be able to appreciate the growth which we have achieved? If we have made choices that have resulted in undesirable outcomes, how could we more deeply understand our seeming mishaps without time for reflection? If our actions were always ruled by logic, we would become overwrought with mental confusion and less likely to be able to tune into our own inner compass. So, these periods occur for a very specific reason.

Due to the position of Mercury, and related planets in lunar mansions, subsigns which are associated with Vedic astrology, this retrograde period of Mercury can help us to find a balance necessary to manifest and nourish a transformation to a new phase of our existence. This change is guided by wisdom that we have learned from the past, and leads to a deep letting go. Tune into your thoughts and feelings this week, listen and learn.

When a planet is retrograde, it becomes brighter, and therefore more prominent. The areas of life affected for each individual, depends upon their own unique astrology. If you wish to explore the impact of this moment for you, please consider a Telephone Consultation.

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