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Making Do! – Moon in Mrigasira 18th October, 2019

Of what good is making do in a situation? You’ve tried that and not matter how you rework things, the ends simply don’t seem to meet up! One thing you are getting from this however is knowledge of how to be resourceful! You can see this situation how you choose, and your feet will take you in the direction that you choose to see it! You can see your situation as worthy of maintaining and you will hold on to what you can until you can hold on no more! You can choose to see yourself as needing to let go of it altogether and in the process absolve yourself of an important commitment! Or you can let things change of their own accord and simply help the process along! Which one do you think sounds the wisest?

Daily Panchangam:
Vara: Venus
Tithi: Krishna Panchami
Karana: Taitila
Yoga: Parigha

Jupiter transits Mula Nakshatra for the next few months. Old structures in your life may be crumbling, and it’s high time they did! Find out how to work best with these changes! Schedule Here!

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