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Make Way! – Venus in Uttara Bhadrapada 1st-13th February, 2020

Life can be enjoyable! It doesn’t need to be a constant hassle! But you have to be willing to first take the steps that will make it that way! Sometimes doing so, well….it seems like a hassle! But appearances can be deceiving! You are persisting with something because you feel you have no other choice! Go ahead and do so if you wish. But if you are going to stubbornly stick to what you are holding on to, at least keep your eyes open! It will teach you just how your life could be a whole lot easier.. if you let it! Keep working toward the same goal! After all, you have a new strategy and that could ultimately take care of things! Or, you could choose to see the reality of a situation and passionately apply your energy in a manner where it can actually make a difference! Let the old ways become part of the past. Choose to walk a different path!





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