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Krittika 15th February, 2016 – To Learn and to Gain

You are eager to cut through the interference that is blocking your way. Realness is what you want, not people who beat around the bush or try to pretend that something is what it is not. That will only drag you down. But equally, you must recognise that patience and forbearance are needed with the current environment you are facing. You may be ahead of the game where others are lagging behind. All parties involved want progress. It’s just that others do not see the way, and you feel that you do. Try not to come across as being too cocky. There is no reason for it. And should you watch the signs and signals, you will see that you too have something to learn and to gain!


Daily Panchanga

Vara: Moon
Tithi: Shukla Ashtami
Gara: Bava
Yoga: Vaidhriti


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