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Jupiter Trines Saturn December 2013

~ How much longer, as ‘civilised‘ societies, can we allow housing and energy prices to rise beyond the reach of an ever growing part of the population? Is it ethical to allow an upward spiral of prices to cause homelessness, family upheaval,poor nutrition and lack of warmth? To deny basic human dignity to fellow humans, in dogged political pursuit of economic dogma and ideology?

And, should we discount the value, need and love inherent within a family consisting of individuals from different continents, in cold-hearted adherence to the politics of ‘immigration‘?

It all, of course, comes down to the issues of money, and prejudice. Should we allow money to come between human rights and humanitarianism?

Plutonian Chronicles
Plutonian Chronicles

These are questions which we are being asked to reflect upon and review at this point in Time.

In addition, some shedding of light and awareness upon our hidden desires can cause some anger in our relationships now. Seemingly light-hearted and jovial banter of a flirtatious and sexual nature may cause tension. Where in our lives have we allowed our ‘inner child‘ to become buried beneath a veritable mountain of familial and work obligations and responsibilities? Well, we may now find ourselves in situations offering a light relief from such tensions. Just be aware of any potential ‘fall-out‘. It may be Time to review relationships, and take action to bring a more harmonious and healthy balance into play. Remember the old – but still Timely – phrase: ‘All work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) a dull boy (and, girl)!

I wish you a thoughtful, reflective, stress-reducing and harmony-inducing few days. PC

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