Intense! – Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in Uttara Ashadha

Times are changing, whether you want them to or not! Your beliefs and outlook about a certain area of your life may be challenged! As a result, you feel compelled to defend your stance. After all, you have had a pretty firm grip on things until recently, yes? After all, it was this very same philosophy that put you into a space of relative stability until most recently, yes? Perhaps that was all an illusion! Maybe you were never in control! Maybe you never have been! Maybe you fear losing control now! But perhaps losing control is what you need to do most to find your power! The confusing bit is that there are some things which you need to hold to strongly and some which you need to relinquish! How to sort the difference? It is time to take a good honest look at yourself with humility! Sometimes you have to swallow your pride to find true dignity!

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