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In It to Win It! – Mars in Mula 2nd-20th February, 2020

You’re in it to win it. But let’s face it, you also would like for someone to see just how much of an effort you are putting in! You want to be supportive, so you are doing your best! But when the same level of support you are putting forward is not reciprocated, you wonder if you would be better suited letting things take a different turn! You don’t want to look back on this moment in retrospect and feel as if you have made a mistake! So, your mind begins to turn to another option that you sense could have a greater level of support from the Cosmos. Only thing is, others involved in your situation are not equally supportive. Though it is easy to do so, don’t take it personally! In going forward, you need to commit one way or the other and accept the consequences! If your actions fail and your loyalty is most important, then you have made the right choice! And if you decide it is best to make sure that the choice you think is wiser is opted for, you have every right. But you have to accept that it may be a lonely option! Neither choice is right or wrong. In the end, it is all about commitment!





Mars transits Mula Nakshatra as Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Uttara Ashadha! Find out what it means for you! Schedule an Astrological Consultation Today!

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