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Humbling – Moon in Krittika 18th November, 2021

Moon in Krittika – It can be really frustrating to feel that you are doing the correct thing, yet to continually meet with opposition! One part of you feels like barreling through the resistance is the best thing to do! Yet, another part of you wonders if it should bother! You have to at least summon the enthusiasm to try to create some momentum! But you equally have to be open-minded and aware in your approach! If the Cosmos were whispering in your ear right now, what would it be saying in terms of the direction you need to now take? Listen with your heart, even if what you have to hear is humbling!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Jupiter
Tithi: Full Moon Purnima
Karana: Vishti
Yoga: Parigha

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