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Hope Springs Eternal! – Venus in Bharani Nakshatra

When you are dealing with a problem, it can sometimes either grow larger or seem larger the more you sit with it! Focusing on something brings it into sharper detail. Though that sounds like it can work to one’s advantage, it does not always do so. If we focus on what we are afraid of, we often see the details of what we are afraid of. But then the less aware side of our senses gets out of control and sees those very things that we are afraid of in an even more intense manner. In short, if you focus on fear it can become larger. Even where there is a need for concern, that concern only grows unless you take the action to do something about it. And if you are taking action to do something about it, do you then need to still be consumed by the fear that prompted your action in the first place? It is then that our actions become driven by fear! Ask yourself at the moment what your actions are being driven by. Take practical steps, but not irrational ones. Act with understanding and awareness. Though you may think you have no control over what is going on at the moment, you have more than you surmise by exercising self-control! You have the choice to respond with hope and awareness… or a lack of it. Which will you choose?





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