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Mars Conjunct Jupiter July 2013 – High on Rebellion

Can we ever truly identify our potential unless we push against the boundaries which seemingly restrain us? Can those who attempt to maintain a tight grip on authoritative power ever understand that we don’t share the same vision as they if we do not stand up and dare to resist their childish tantrums and lies? The planet is deeply involved in a pull me, push you tug of war. Lines are being drawn in the sand. Some are daring to cross them. And indeed some are standing in resistance as the machinery of darkness threatens to plough through them.

You see, we are all so intimately intertwined. One entity’s self-decreed boundaries are the oppression of another. In a dance of karma we are involved with the passion building to a frenzy, twirling in intensity until….. where it will stop is anybody’s guess. One thing which is certain is that rules need to be broken in order to be redefined. It all boils down to what side of the fence you are on. One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. It goes on and on. One nation’s traitor could upon another glance be considered a hero of the people oppressed and enslaved by government grown drunk with power-lust . When the truth of where we each, individually and collectively stand is revealed, there is no further need for pretence or niceties. The cards are now very firmly on the table. At the very least, we can all know where we stand. Which direction we head from here is decided by the contents of one’s heart. We can only be true to our nature, our essence and push towards the result that is our true purpose, our birthright in the highest sense of the word. Sometimes that involves confrontation. When humanity has evolved to a state where such an abhorrence is no longer considered as a justifiable means to an end, violence will subsist. Sadly, humanity is not there at present. Some of us push for this evolution, others resist. You see, again, it is about the interplay of karma and free will. Only pressing the boundaries will bring the clarity of potential and restriction.

On Monday 22nd July, Mars forms a conjunction with Jupiter coinciding with an Aquarian Full Moon. As these aspects reach their peak, Mars and Jupiter will still be an integral component of a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune just a few days before Pluto, Venus, the South Node and the Moon apply to a Grand Trine in Earth signs. These concurrent Grand Trines will form a Cosmic Hexagram, the effects of which are massive and far-reaching.

At the time of their conjunction, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer will heighten the topics of territory, environment and security. As they occupy the Lunar Mansion of Ardra, intensity builds and effort increases to surpass identified restrictions. But the challenge lies in the fact that the force which need be surmounted is doing some pushing of its own, making the barriers seem ever more intensive.

The Full Moon in the rebellious sign of Aquarius will reach its height in the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Ashadha. It is not mere perseverance that will break the bonds which seemingly fetter, but also perspicacity and patience.

When we restrict our scope of vision, we impose our own limitations. Could it be that the bars which imprison are self-forged? Is it possible that a perceived enemy is merely a karmic lesson that needs resolution and integration? Could it be that we have created our own Monsters and Oppressors? Certainly the struggle is real as will be the aftermath. But understanding is what ensures evolution and an avoidance of making the same mistakes twice. Once liberation is attained, awareness maintains. Whether you are convinced that the bully you confront is internal or external, don’t get duped again.

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