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Growing Confidence – Moon in Purva Phalguni December 14th, 2022

Moon in Purva Phalguni – Your confidence is growing larger with each moment and it seems like the time is ripe for you to take action! But in order for you to arrive at this moment in time, you have needed to do quite a lot of self-convincing that you can handle the work that needs to take place! In actuality, your confidence is tinged with a degree of insecurity. And although you are aware that needs indicate that action take place soon and this appears to be the best opportunity, in order to muster the necessary strength you are compensating somewhat for the insecurity you feel! This has you considering drastic action! Relaxed confidence and a reminder of the progress you have made this far will help you along!

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Vara: Mercury
Tithi: Krishna Shashthi
Karana: Vanija
Yoga: Priiti

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