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Galactic Lounge Live Launches Wednesday 7:30 pm London

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I have always wanted to host a ‘talk show’ type format for spiritually related topics. Figuring out a way to do that and allow more than just ‘chat’ from my audience has always been a bit of a hindrance.

I have now found a way to host this, allow an audience to watch whilst it is being recorded live, and enable call-ins over the computer for the viewers with their questions.

I am really super-excited🤪

The first ever episode of the Galactic Lounge Live is this Wednesday 26th January at 7:30 pm UK time. Dustin Cormier will be the guest host interviewing me.

You can join in to watch live. There is a button on the viewing page and when we are accepting call-ins, you can click to connect your camera and microphone to ask your question.

Here is the link to Join Live!

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