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Follow the Inspiration – Moon in Vishakha October 26th, 2022

Moon in Vishakha – The direction you are trying to take, you feel as if it is at a critical point! You feel a need to safeguard the progress you have created so far and you think you have a good idea of how to do so. But things do not seem to be going quite as planned and that has you feeling a little uneasy about the days ahead! One part of you thinks you need to put your feelings to the side and simply focus forward. But another part of you thinks it is best to heed what you are perceiving to be warning signs. Don’t discount any information that falls in your lap. But at the same time, remember that there is an inspiring reason that you made these plans! Follow the inspiration!

You should leave your Astrology Consultation with your burden feeling lighter and not heavier! That is one of the cornerstones of the Empowered Approach to Astrology! Witness it in Action! Schedule an Empower Hour !

Vara: Mercury
Tithi: Shukla Dvitiya
Karana: Baalava
Yoga: Ayushman

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