Feast or Famine, A Financial Astrology Two Part Series with Michael Reed

Michael Reed

Though this class is already in session, you can still register and catch up with the video of the first class!

Rich or Poor? Feast or Famine? Boom or Bust? Let’s face it!!! We all want to know! Starting Saturday 14th April, I am going to be hosting a Two Class Webinar Series on How to Accurately Determine This Very Important Question!

This two class webinar series will take place on 14th and 21st April at 4:30 pm London Time. To find out class time in your time zone, please look up the time difference between you and London. There may potentially be a third class scheduled at no extra charge should it be needed to complete the syllabus. Pre-registration is necessary in order to attend! The fee for registration is $108. Each Class is 90 Minutes in Length!

We are going to be using example charts of both affluent and not-so affluent people. But in addition, attendees who wish to do so may submit their birth information if they are agreeable to their horoscope being used as a potential example chart. By submitting your information and stating that you are okay with me using it, you are authorising your horoscope to be used as an example. A Basic Level of Astrological Knowledge is recommended (Signs, Planets, Houses and Dignity). Attendees will need to download Zoom Web Conferencing, a free webinar tool by Clicking Here! Each class will be recorded to video and uploaded to a folder which will be made available for download, along with class PowerPoint presentations, to all attendees. All attendees are also eligible for membership in my Astrological Forum where questions my be posted in between Classes and answered either by email or at the beginning of the following class.

Some of the Key Points to be Discussed on this Webinar Series are as follows:

  • The Key Financial Factors to Look at Astrologically
  • Working with the D2 and D4 chart to Determine the Potential for Liquid and Fixed Assets
  • How to Judge the Strength of These Factors to Determine the Most Financially Abundant Times using Vimshottari Dasa
  • Plus More as Time Allows

To register for the Two Class Webinar, please Click on the Button Below to Make your Secure Payment! Many thanks!

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