Mars Pluto and Venus Conjunction
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Fear, Faith and Sanctity – Mars, Pluto and Venus Conjunction in Sravana 2nd-6th March

Mars, Pluto and Venus Conjunction in Sravana – What are you afraid of? Truthfully, what are you afraid of? You tried taking the high road, you know, the one you were more inspired by. But lately, feelings of unworthiness and frustration are beginning to surface! You feel unsupported in your plans and feel as if you should pause and consider your next choices. A deep message is beginning to hit home, and it is touching all of your sensitivities, causing you to feel weak and vulnerable. Is this a battle worth fighting? Consider the sacrifice. Can you let go of how much this means to you. If not, can you handle confronting what you might have to let go of along the way. I am not here to answer those questions for you, only to make you aware of the realities and the potentials you need to consider along the way. It is more empowering that you do that yourself. My mission is to support you to make the best decisions possible, not make them for you. It is true that a battle lies ahead of you. It is true that you may feel like retreating more than advancing. But the choice of whether or not the sacrifice is worth it is between you and your heart!

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Mars, Pluto and Venus Conjunct in Sravana

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