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Doubted Determination – Venus Retrograde in Purva Ashadha 13th-29th January, 2022

Venus Retrograde in Purva Ashadha – Are you persisting with a scenario even though it is not wise to do so? You seem to be caught in a pattern where you are determined to produce a particular outcome. If you fail, you feel you will lose face. There is a need to prove your devotion, to show that you care. But resistance that you are coming up against is causing you to re-evaluate your situation. Should you choose an alternative path? You feel the doubt you are experiencing is impacting your capacity to fulfil your responsibility! therefore, you must quell it by simply getting on with things! But you would be wise to consider it. The times you are facing call for an honest re-assessment of the direction you are taking! Doing so will either strengthen your resolve or cause you to choose a different course! In either instance, your time will be well spent!

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Venus Retrograde in Purva Ashadha

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