Don’t Bemoan! – Moon in Mula 6th June, 2020

Universal Heart

Sometimes we deal with situations that are just too confusing to sort through. That is where time serves a profound purpose. But to make it through the time that you feel you are presently trying to cope with, you find yourself putting your feelings to the side. Ordinarily, not a good approach! But when uncomfortable feelings are in the way of you perceiving things in a clear light, you need to see beyond them and recognise that perhaps they are the result of you behaving in an overly sensitised manner! And when you see beyond that which is now clouding your vision, then the appropriate action will become obvious. You simply needed a bit of time to sort through!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Saturn
Tithi: Shukla Ekadasi
Karana: Vishti
Yoga: Ganda





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