Divisional Charts: The Drekkana Deities in Vedic Astrology

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra states that from the Drekkana, we may know about siblings. One’s siblings, aside from one’s parents are the first foray into socialising and expression. These interactions are the testing ground so to speak of the expression of our will where we learn that when we act in a certain way, we get a certain reaction. So, the Drekkana shows how we express our will in relation to certain things, whether that be an interaction with an associate, how we deal with money or how we work with relationships. It shows how we interact through our will! This is a technique that will be taught on this year’s Live Webinar Course on the Divisional Charts and the Varga Deities! This Course is presently open for a 15% discount using the code EARLY when you Register Here!





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