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Dissolution and Synthesis

authenticsignThe New Moon of the 18th September occurs in close proximity to the separating Saturn Uranus opposition, and within a few degrees of a square with Pluto. This is very powerful astrology indeed and signals a huge shift in energy. Let’s touch briefly on the energy associated with each of these planets before proceeding to a discussion of the New Moon.

Saturn brings focus and discipline to the area of a chart which it is transiting. It also brings its lessons through creating opposition and restriction. Uranus is just the opposite, it likes freedom. Where Saturn can be predictable, Uranus is random and unexpected.

With Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces, the lesson for each of us in one area of life or another has been connected to creating a balance between sorting the details on one hand whilst trusting in the unknown on the other. Perhaps, it has also been bringing healing to your life through creating freedom from concerns and worries by first creating an intensification of such energies.

Pluto brings transformation on a very deep level. As discussed in last week’s article, it demands that we be honest with and true to ourselves. It takes us to the very root of an issue to make sure that we integrate the lesson necessary to move on.

To gain a deeper understanding of what this New Moon energy is related to, let’s take a look at it through a system associated with Vedic Astrology known as the lunar mansions. These are subsections of each zodiac sign based upon the Moon’s movement over the course of a lunar month.

There are four planets that are conjunct at present in the tropical sign of Virgo, and within the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni. As it is the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are a part of that conjunction. But, they are also joined by Saturn and a retrograde Mercury.

Uttara Phalguni is connected with creating growth and prosperity through union. With the New Moon, this energy is likely being brought about through the understanding of the unique energy that each contributing part of this union has to offer.

Uranus, which is in opposition to this New Moon, is in the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada. Uttara Bhadrapada helps to purify one of any selfish behaviour. This helps to deepen and strengthen the previously mentioned understanding.

Then comes Pluto. Pluto is in a very intense section of the tropical sign of Capricorn called Mula. Mula’s energy is very similar to that of Pluto. Mula has the tendency to break things apart and dissolve them so that they can be more fully understood.

Somewhere within the lives of each of us, a tension has been recently created, a split has occurred. But, it has done so for a very important reason. A balance needed to be found. It was not to be found through a logical mental process. But only through tuning in and listening to one’s intuition and allowing one’s senses to become more aware.

With a New Moon, there is an opportunity for a seed to be planted. With this lunar cycle, the tension, most intensely felt over the last couple of weeks, has an opportunity to shift. Where there was recently a divide, there can now be a synthesis. Where in your life is this reintegration taking place? Something is about to be born through the process.

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