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Cancer Solar Eclipse


The solar eclipse of 21st July takes place in the last degree of the sign of Cancer. Eclipses occur twice a year, and they usually come in pairs. There is a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse within two weeks of each other at each eclipse point. Lunar eclipses take place on the Full Moon and solar eclipses take place on the New Moon.

Being the second New Moon in the sign of Cancer within a month, this is an exceptionally meaningful eclipse.

Eclipses are highly transformational times and tend to function like gateways. The first eclipse is the opening of the gate. The second one, two weeks later, is the closing. The period in between is very powerful. We are approaching the closing of the portal today.

Vedic astrology divides each of the signs of the zodiac into subsections that are based upon the cycle of the moon, which occupies a different one of these divisions each day. We can come to a deeper understanding of the eclipse if we observe it from this perspective.

The lunar eclipse, which took place on the Full Moon of 7th July in the sign of Capricorn, found the moon in a section of Capricorn associated with the winnowing away of that which is no longer of service to us. At that time, the sun was in a section of Cancer associated with revitalisation and the return of something that had once been lost. The methodical, and perhaps challenging, Capricornian process of identifying that in our lives which is no longer helpful to us leads to a greater Cancerian security based upon renewal and a deeper sense of self. As this was the opening of the portal, it set the tone of the eclipse period.

Today’s solar eclipse is in a section of Cancer associated with ensuring that one is on the proper path for their soul at this juncture in life. The actions that occur in our lives that guide us onto this path may not always be pleasant, nor seem helpful. But, they are necessary. Without evolution and growth, our souls stagnate and life lacks meaning.

The effects of an eclipse are far reaching, and often take some time to reach their full manifestation. The areas of an individual’s life impacted by the eclipse depend upon their personal astrology. If you would like to understand more deeply the impact of the eclipse upon your own personal astrology, you can do so by ordering an audio or written astrology report.

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