Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Rahu
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Can You Wait? – Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Rahu (North Node)

Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Rahu (North Node) – A major change seems to be on the cards! And in the process, there are a few things, and perhaps even a few people to be purified from your life! It’s a great letting go process. Only it is also marred with great confusion in regards to what is actually right and true to keep close and what is correct to push away! In the midst of needing to look at the reality of the situation, it is wise to guard at the moment against too much clever thinking! This is a problem to more clearly be sorted in your heart, upon deep reflection, than it is to be decided upon in your head. Things often have a funny way of turning around at the last moment! For now, be patient enough to sit with what is evolving, as confusing as it may be! All is not clear at the moment, and time provides stability in the midst of chaos, if you can but wait!

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