Black Shrouds the Energy


Black shrouds the energy hidden from sight
Steals into crevices still open to light
Darkness and anger pound me to fight
Engulf and surround me, try as I might.

Red flames, hot and livid, fuel the rage inside
Aeons of anger have nowhere to hide
Fury burns molten, pours out like a tide
Like lava, drowning all in its path ‘till it died.

Purple waves pulse desolately around in the air
Bouncing stricken off walls, ceiling and chair
Mourning the loss of what seemed to be fair
Before Pluto’s soul probed love’s treacherous lair.

Blue throbs inside cells too exhausted to see
Any longer the purpose to all that is Me
Where went the joys, the laughter, the glee?
What entombed Neptune’s Being, who used to be free?

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