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Bit at a Time! – Ketu in Mula until 27th October, 2020

The world is a much different place than it was last week or the one before. To try to cling on to the way things once were is not likely to be supported, we have to adapt and relate to our environment in a radically new way. But your point of reference is something that you have become accustomed to. You have built the framework of your life around it. Your very sense of security is attached to it. This is not something that is easy to let go of all at once. But if you apply yourself to at least accepting and the adapting to things a little bit at a time, you will find the universe more cooperative than you may have imagined. Things may seem like they are falling apart. But in reality, they are being broken into bite-sized pieces. Take it in a little bit at a time, but be willing to be flexible!





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