Uttara Ashadha
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Big Things May Seem Small – Moon in Uttara Ashadha June 6th, 2023

Moon in Uttara Ashadha – To expect a huge breakthrough is only likely to leave you disappointed! But, smaller victories can be won as long as you are willing to accept the limitations and conditions under which they appear! If you become too obsessed with overcoming the ‘final’ breakthrough in order to bring a sense of complete victory into the equation, well… you are likely to only identify the cup as being half-empty rather than having the capacity to enjoy what is in it. Be grateful for what you have accomplished!

Understand the Path Ahead, Transform and Evolve…Pillars of the Empowered Approach to Astrology! Experience it in Action through the Empower Hours!

Vara: Mars
Tithi: Krishna Tritiya
Karana: Vishti
Yoga: Brahma

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