Better to Have Loved… – Venus Stations Retrograde Conjunct Pluto in Uttara Ashadha

Venus Stations Retrograde

Venus Stations Retrograde Conjunct Pluto – It is only natural that with love comes the fear of loss! The same holds true for anything that we value within the earthly realm. There is always the potential for us to lose what we gain! Perhaps the lesson here is that we never truly possess those things we fear losing in the first place! But we cling to them due to the pleasure and enrichment which they bring into our lives! And when their presence in our lives seems jeopardised, we feel vulnerable…even if we no longer value those things or those people. It’s time to review the connections and the things from which you take pleasure and the value that you attach to them! Anything that is now ready to fall away holds no substance in your life going forward. Anything that stays is strengthened for the long haul!

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Venus Stations Retrograde Conjunct Pluto in Uttara Ashadha

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