Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer

Battlefield! – Saturn Conjunct Mars in Sravana Nakshatra

You’re confused! What originally seemed a good idea has hit a snag. Now you find yourself wondering if you need to come up with some sort of exit plan! Know that you are simply feeling frustrated and overly sensitive. You want to be there as a strong support. Now that things seem to not be going to plan, your pride is hurt. But this isn’t just about you! Rather than trying to figure out how you can best prove yourself, look instead at how you might be able to be of greatest service. You haven’t made a wrong choice, you have simply encountered opposition! You are being asked to be strong. You are bigger than the stress that you are facing. Though you may need to alter certain approaches that you have adopted, sticking to the essence of your plan will help you to create the necessary change that you have been aiming for.





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