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Astrological Profile – Peter Gabriel

‘From the pain comes the dream
From the dream comes the vision
From the vision comes the people
From the people comes the power
From this power comes the change’

‘As the band got more successful, it was increasingly difficult to get people to take a risk with something that might jeopardize their livelihood. [On Genesis]’ – Peter Gabriel

Someone with so much Aquarian energy could never do something ordinary. Add Venus in Aquarius to the mix, and the creative process becomes even more individualistic and wild. And, when Venus is retrograde, you are about as far left of left field as you could possibly be. But, out beyond the realm of the ordinary and mundane are many great souls with revolutionary ideas. Peter Gabriel’s words above express the time with his previous band, Genesis, when he felt his vision was being restrained. For more freedom to be had, he had to strike his own path.

Those with prominent planets in Aquarius and the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha, prosper by marching to the beat of their own drum. Independence is vital to them. They are pioneering, and trailblazers. Such is the case with Peter Gabriel, with his natal Jupiter and Sun both occupying this lunar mansion. Through the lens of his birth chart, we can gain a glimpse of his creative process and understand why he could never be thought of as mundane.

With the expressive sign of Leo as his Rising Sign, and his Rising Sign closely conjunct profound Pluto, retrograde in the lunar mansion of Ashlesha, his thought processes are deep, perhaps even as his quote above suggests, painful. Ashlesha is associated with intense spiritual wisdom. And whereas a Leo Sun Sign could perhaps be egotistical, Leo Rising is more spiritually expressive.

Where Venus is the planet of worldly creativity and the expressive arts, Jupiter rules over the Higher Aspects of Creativity. Aside from his natal Venus, Gabriel’s Jupiter and Sun also occupy Aquarius, and are conjunct, forming an opposition with his Ascendant and Pluto. His expression is a gift utilised in a humanitarian manner. It is obvious that he believes that art should serve a Higher Purpose, and no wonder that he is interested in music from diverse cultures, and even founded a label to spread awareness of world music.

Peter’s natal Mars conjuncts Neptune in Libra. Both are also retrograde. Neptune is the Planet of Spiritual Insight and Imagination. Conjuncting Mars, this energy is quite cutting. Both planets form a harmonious angle with not only Pluto and the Ascendant, but also the Sun and Jupiter. Neptune is in the lunar mansion of Chitra, creating the urge to use his creative genius in a righteous manner. Chitra, itself, is ruled by Mars, which makes this energy even more profound. His South Node conjuncts both of these planets, unleashing their energy. It is quite likely that it took him a while to learn to harness his gifts. The South Node and Mars occupy Hasta, which makes his talents prolifically passionate. All three of these planets are placed in the articulate third house.

Last, but most certainly not the least, we return to his Venus, which creates a harmonious trine with the South Node and Mars, even more potent as Venus rules Libra. Venus is placed in the lunar mansion of Sravana. Sravana energy can give the ability to hear a symphony of sound within. It is also connected to intuition, making his creativity quite mediumistic.

Certainly you could call him quirky. But, those with such energy, often on the fringe and outcast, have an understanding of suffering, and usually a distaste for the superficial. His words, although likely wasted on many ears, sink in and bear fruit to those with a thirst for evolution and progress.

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