Ashwini 13th February, 2016 – Certainty of Heart

The problem is, you actually think you are doing the right thing to create a change when in essence you are not. You need to be cautious not to act too quickly when the foundation upon which you are building is not a solid one. You are taking pleasure in fighting for something you believe in. This is a noble impulse if you are acting with awareness. But the problem is that the factor which is triggering your actions is doing so by creating illusion. You are dealing with a phantom, and you cannot seem to see that even though you have faced the same lesson before. Be cautious not to act on impulse today. Unless you are 100% sure in your heart, then you cannot be certain. And certainty of heart is the key component needed for a breakthrough!


Daily Panchanga

Vara: Saturn
Tithi: Shukla Shashthi
Gara: Taitila
Yoga: Shukla


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