A Shift in Values! – Venus in Uttara Ashadha 8th-18th December, 2019

Are you clinging to the past simply because it offers a sense of familiarity? Are you adhering more intensively to a belief system even though common sense tells you it is flawed? You may think this approach offers stability. But observe how the ground is shifting beneath your feet! Better to ride the Magic Carpet than to have it yanked from underneath your feet! Stop thinking so much and start living! Don’t bother second-guessing your future! Stop engaging with the path that is exhausting your life-force. Though you think it important to hold things together, look at how much of your energy it is sapping! There has to be a better way! And there is! But to embrace it, a shift in values is at first necessary!

Saturn and Pluto last conjuncted 37 years ago! This is a powerful celstial opportunity and even more so because it coincides with a Solar Eclipse! Find out what it all means for you by scheduling an Astrological Consultation! Now available in either a Pre-Recorded or Person-to-Person over the internet format!





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