A Matter of Time – Moon in Revati 22nd September, 2021

Moon in Revati

Moon in Revati – You are sure that there must be a better way of going about this! At first, you saw momentum, but things have been seeming to grind to a standstill! You were sure that you knew a good way forward! But even with extra effort on your part, there seems to still be little chance of the situation budging! Sometimes, the Cosmos presents us with waves of energy! Sometimes those waves subside! It’s about knowing how to use both of those moments! Worrying is a waste of time. Just because you have done all of the groundwork, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the moment is right! But it will be and you will be ready!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Mercury
Tithi: Krishna Dvitiya
Karana: Gara
Yoga: Dhruva

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