Wikileaks and Uranus’ Big Week

There is more grace and respect in accepting responsibility, rather than continuing to try to hide. There is a recognition within the aware of this spiritual truth. But, politicians do not keep their positions and their lavish expense accounts through being aware. Power of the most obscene type is kept afloat on lies. And when the facts have to be faced, the finger will be pointed elsewhere.

Wikileaks has just released a set of secret US Embassy cables. The US government, obviously afraid of being held to account, had previously written to Julian Assange, the owner of the site urging him to not release the documents. But, the truth cannot be hidden from. And the impact of this information being released is massive. It contains communications that are not only damning to the US administration, but to many other governments and heads of State. Included within the documents is a communication from the Saudi king urging the US to attack Iran.

One cannot know for certain,  but my guess would be that Mr.Assange has an astrologer working for him. The release of this information comes at the head of a deeply Uranian and Plutonian week, and was dispersed on a day, 28th November, 2010 GMT when Mercury, the planet of communication, formed a tense aspect with Uranus, the planet connected with the internet and the sudden and unexpected.

Uranus is presently transiting the tropical sign of Pisces, where it is joined by expansive Jupiter. These two planets are presently applying to a conjunction, the effects of which are already deeply noticeable. Both planets are currently transiting the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada. Although politicians are not protected through the release of this information, the well-being of  Humanity as a whole can only benefit from the web of negativity which is becoming untangled.

Mercury, forming a tense aspect with both of these planets, is presently transiting the latter stages of Sagittarius before entering Capricorn on 1st December, 2010 GMT. Mercury is presently transiting the lunar mansion of Mula, associated with revelations of the deepest kind. It is joined there by Pluto, the Lord of secrets being brought to light, along with the karmic North Node. The information being released opens up new territory on the world scale, and now that this maxim has been made apparent and available, there is  no turning back.

Mars, the planet of passion and action, is currently in Sagittarius and the lunar mansion of Jyeshtha. It is soon to join Mercury, Pluto and the North Node in the lunar mansion of Mula after forming a tense aspect with Jupiter on 29th November, 2010 GMT. Later on in the week, it will form the same aspect with Uranus on 3rd December, 2010 GMT. With a clear picture of how the mass of Humanity has been duped for so long by those who have a vested interest in maintaining a lie for the sake of power, can, and more importantly, will the people stand for it any longer? Or will they accept responsibility for themselves rather than placing it in the hands of a child in charge of the candy store?

Also prominent in this week’s astrology, and exacerbating the presence of Pluto and the North Node on the scene, is Venus’ re-entry into the sign of Scorpio after having recently been retrograde. Venus, upon entering Scorpio will be in the territory of the fiercely independent lunar mansion of Swati. Shortly after entering Scorpio, it will form  a harmonious alignment with Mercury, which will have just entered Capricorn. The aspect between these two planets becomes exact in degree on 1st December, 2010 GMT.

The aspects this week are enough to get any astrologer excited. It is a momentous time. And hopefully enough to motivate people to get off of their duffs,  switch off the idiot box, start talking and taking action. How can one not be moved to overturning the apple cart after finding out that they have been treated like a mushroom for ages by being kept in the dark and thrown a bit of manure every once in a while to keep them happy? And that will be damning of mushrooms if Humanity continues to allow itself to be bamboozled. Demand responsibility and the truth by accepting both yourself.

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