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Weekly Authentic Horoscopes for Week Beginning 1st November, 2012

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

In the Sound of Silence lies Wisdom. Ignorance thrives on incessant mental chatter. Mercury Retrograde need only be disruptive in order to induce a willingness to listen. This Tuesday, Mercury Stations before shifting direction. You can read my latest article on this celestial event by Clicking Here!

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Aries (21st March – 20th April) – Your sign is noted for its ability to be strong-willed. It is not, however, known for the virtue of patience. To cut through the fog of a difficult situation, it would now be helpful for you to cultivate a bit more tolerance. A shift of perspective is on the horizon that can help to provide the forbearance you need to overcome a trying situation. Remember that sheer will can be misconstrued as an attempt to use brute force. But temper it with wisdom and patience and the true potential that results is a force to be reckoned with. Allow me to assist you with the process of attaining the vital gifts of wisdom and patience so vitally necessary to your life in this moment through one of my In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports.


Taurus (21st April – 21st May) – Sometimes when we take a bit of time away from something, or someone, we recognise upon reconnecting that certain qualities which may have been highly annoying no longer seem to bother us. Okay, well… perhaps that is not completely true. But, at least we become more able to deal with those feelings of ennervation than may have been previously possible. Even with perspective and patience, things are never as simple as plain black and white. They are vivid and in tumultuous technicolor; somewhat like an abstract painting that people will profess to understand, when they actually have no grasp at all. So, why pretend? But to get a grip on your current dilemma, it is due in part to your projection of a problem which is uniquely yours. Try to gain a deeper understanding of a conflict of values. I can help you to untangle such a web of confusion and to free yourself into a more pro-sperous and loving future through one of my highly empathic Telephone Consultations.


Gemini (22nd May – 21st June) – Sadly, it is quite often the same energy that fosters self-determination that also invites self-destruction. There is a conflict which you currently find yourself in. Whilst you can understand the perspective of another, the only way in which you seem to be able to proffer your empathy tends to end up stoking the fires of restlessness and provocation. In matters of the heart, try to be a bit more reflective before acting this week. Whilst you may be ahead of the game mentally, in matters of sensitivity you are falling behind and could use to liven your pace. Allow me to help you pick up the pace of sensitivity through one of my highly empathic Telephone Consultations. Together, we’re stronger.


Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July) – Sometimes reaching a level of apathy and resignation can be the very thing that provides the necessary balance to a chaotic situation. You need to now be free in order to sail into bright new territory. Yet something is seemingly holding you back from doing so. A rebellious attitude will only stand to enflame the situation further. But indifference to a conflict could provide the release you direly need. I can help you to resolve your conflicts through one of my highly enlightening and empathic In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports.


Leo (23rd July – 22nd August) – Although we occasionally need sharp focus in order to not be distracted from the achievement of our goals,  in adopting such an approach, we also run the risk of creating a limited perspective. You need to now strike a fine balance between sheer determination and not shutting yourself down from the opportunity to allow a miracle to happen. One step too far in the direction of tenacity could make you miss an ace. Yet insecurity will also weaken your stance to the extent that you come up short. Summon a passion for creativity and innovation, but also keep your eyes open for the precise moment in which you may need to overturn an apple cart. Allow me to assist you in developing the skills necessary to overturn those carts full of rotten apples blocking you from a more pro-sperous future through one of my highly empathic and enlightening Telephone Consultations. Together, we’re stronger.


Virgo (23rd August – 23rd September) – Please try to be patient. Though matters may not be evolving in quite the way you would like to see them you are, at the very least, trying to understand that they are progressing as they need to. Whilst it is good to understand one of the deeper laws of prosperity, have you somehow also hoodwinked yourself into believing that such a stance would somehow quench the drive that you now feel within? Whilst it is important to acknowledge its existence, now is not quite the appropriate time to unleash the fury of the impulse that is nagging you. But, nor should it be repressed. So, small steps for now to calm the volcano gods. But, move with awareness and patience. Allow me to assist you in placating those gods of eruption and in making just the right moves which will lead you to a more pro-sperous and loving future through one of my highly empathic and enlightening In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. Together, we’re stronger.


Libra (24th September – 23rd October) – A decision to hone your potential should always take priority over material concerns. Yet, we cannot ignore the flesh and blood altogether, nor its need for bread and butter. It is easy now to become pulled back in the direction from which you recently came. Instead, you must now propel yourself forward, refining your talents. A matter of concern now runs the risk of being blown out of proportion. Yet, that distortion can either be one of enlargement or reduction. You now need perspective. Trust in what has been evolving for you and you shall find it. Allow me to help you gain the vital perspective you now need in order to open up a more pro-sperous and loving path ahead through one of my profoundly empathic and enlightening in-depth Telephone Consultations.


Scorpio (24th October – 23rd November) – A more refined approach may now be necessary. But, raging passion knows mainly purpose and its fulfillment, and more often than not refuses to go over things with a fine-toothed comb. Luckily, although ardent by nature, you also have a known penchant for subtlety.  So, it would seem that all you need to do is combine a pinch of finesse with a large dose of sincerity to make your arrow hit its mark, yet not destroy its target. Though you need to break free of a restrictive situation, it is best to do so with tact. I can help you with finding just the right balance you now need to set yourself free to soar away to new heights through one of my highly empathic and enlightening In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. Together, we’re stronger.


Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December) – Being able to see matters from a wider perspective has both its up and down side. Certainly we may gain a view of the opportunities available. But, we can also see the pitfalls all the more clearly. Similarly, the determination to push through a challenge can also have its pros and cons. Occasionally, we can use too much force when it might have been better to adopt a more flexible approach. Model yourself after a stream bed, although not quite as mucky and thick. In wisdom, allow the waters which now wash over your life to carve new pathways  and trails. Then, what you thought was a problem can be transformed into an opportunity. Allow me to assist you in the beautiful transformation you now have the potential to create through one of my highly empathic and enlightening Telephone Consultations.


Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January) – Let’s assess your situation, shall we? What do you have going for you? It’s excellent that you have zest and zeal for the things that you do. It’s also quite positive that when you face a hurdle you seem to be finding a creative way either over or around it. But, there is one area which sorely needs your attention. You need to have a serious dialogue with your heart. Only try not to do all of the talking. By no means should you take it personally, but both your heart and your soul are trying to tell you that you are not quite living in your potential. Something wondrous is evolving. But, rather than pushing blindly through, you need to keep one eye focused on the external process whilst the other is reflected inwards. Whilst it may initially make you feel a bit cross-eyed, it will eventually grant you laser-like focus. Allow me to assist you through the upcoming process of profound transformation via one of my In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. Together, we’re stronger.


Aquarius (21st January – 19th February) – Whilst it is good to question your values so that you break free of a limited paradigm, don’t become judge, jury and executioner all in one. Your soul is not on the stand in some great Universal Trial, though it may feel that way. Though you most certainly have responsibility for your actions, your soul now needs you to exonerate yourself of any wrong doing and move on with your life. But only you can set yourself free. Allow me to assist you in your current process of karmic healing through one of my highly empathic Telephone Consultations.


Pisces (20th February – 20th March) – A tango now plays in the depths of your soul. Although it may only take two to dance, you now have a plethora of opportunities. When you face hardship, you can dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. When your daydreams get the best of you, you can trip the light fantastic with your fantasies. If you are bored with life’s drabbery, why not cut a rug around the house. Someday soon, you will discover the divine nature of your dance partner. The passion arising in your soul is the impetus for your liberation. With your intuition as your guide, how could you possibly be subject to the embarrassment of having two left feet? So, feeling clumsy or shy can no longer be your excuse. The world now needs you in all of your wondrous potential. Allow me to whirl you across the floor towards a stunningly exciting and more pro-sperous, loving future through one of my highly empathic and enlightening In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. You won’t regret the tango we can perform.


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