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Weekly Authentic Horoscopes for Week Beginning 8th November, 2012

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

We are approaching a powerful Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Tuesday,  13th November. This is coinciding potent alignments between Mars, Neptune and Pluto! Tune in to Authentic Astrology Radio on Blog Talk Radio Tuesday the 13th, the day of the eclipse, at 4 pm Pacific Time as I will be discussing the impact of this Potent Celestial Event! To do so, please Click Here. Feel free to call in and share your voice during the show by calling (619) 924-9759. Together we are stronger!-AM

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Aries (21st March – 20th April) – Whilst it is positive that you are willing to explore new philosophies and ideas in order to forge a path ahead, be cautious not to sacrifice your core values for something that you ultimately do not believe in. In order to protect something which is important, you are currently entertaining a notion you would have previously brushed aside. Like clay on the potters wheel, be willing to be molded by wisdom you may have previously denied. But, also be wary of convincing yourself of something which is ultimately not worthy of the commitment of your time and effort. An in-depth, empathic and consciously enlightening astrological Telephone Consultation with me can help to clear the mists of fog surrounding your current dilemma.


Taurus (21st April – 21st May) – You are seeing an opportunity to consolidate the ground which you have recently gained. An idea is germinating that requires dedication and devotion. But, zealousness can often lead to fundamentalism, thereby blocking the flow of prosperity. Firmness of conviction can lead to a weak imagination.You are now at a crossroads, and backtracking is not an opportunity. You need flexibility and willingness to learn, not a superficial front of tenacity that you may be donning in order to keep a potential collapse at bay. One of my range of Consciously enlightening and highly empathic In-Depth Personalised Audiocast Reports can help you to reveal your true authenticity ~ Together, we’re stronger!


Gemini (22nd May – 21st June) – When the new road you are traveling is seemingly beset with potholes, there is no law which states that you have to continue. But, nor is there cosmic legislation which states that in such a case you must backtrack and head in the same boring direction you have always traversed. It is absolutely okay to change your mind every once in a while. Even several times a day if you like. Whilst it is vital that you now allow yourself to explore with the enthusiasm of a child, it is also equally important to not throw a tantrum if things go awry. An apparent conflict bears the threat of loss, but behind this facade it offers a gift. Through the means of one of my highly empathic and enlightening Telephone Consultations, I can help you to peel back this obscuring facade to reveal such a pro-sperous gift. Together, we’re stronger!


Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July) – Where you have previously felt fenced in, the cosmos now gives you licence to rebel, stamp your feet and to throw one hell of a hissy fit. What good is life without movement and passion? Though you occasionally long for a strong sense of security, it is there at your beckon call at all times. We are living in powerfully transformative and creative times. An adventure is on offer. So, where an opportunity threatens to upset your stability, let it. Let the gods of chaos roam free and do their thing. Fear not the reaper, because he dances one hell of a tango. Care to dance? Allow me to partner you through the Portal of Opportunity now opening up via one of my in-depth, highly empathic and Consciously enlightening Telephone Consultations!


Leo (23rd July – 22nd August) – There is at least one positive thing about hitting the bottom; at least you know where you stand. Occasionally, we need for everything to collapse in order to discover a sense of clarity. If your strongest endeavour falls short, look at what could be achieved more effortlessly. That Sun Warrior spirit of yours finds it hard to admit defeat. But you don’t have to. You just need to momentarily retreat in order to await the insight which all of your recent frantically paced ideas and actions have been blocking. Let me help you to relax and attain that vital insight through one of my highly empathic and Consciously enlightening In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. Together, we’re stronger!


Virgo (23rd August – 23rd September) – One of the seven laws of dynamics by C. Mai Rolex states that confidence is the key that opens any door. I tried that approach for years and found that it left me in no better position. It was only when I began to doubt, not only Rolex’s seven laws, but also many other prolific philosophies that I began to find the truth for myself. You are presently on a journey of discovering your potential. So what if you make a few mistakes along the way as long as you are willing to question what you did wrong and wait for the answer, even if it doesn’t come for a couple of weeks. Although you now need to think about the future, trust that the answer will come as, and when, it should. Let me help you to gain some vital clarity for your future pro-sperity through one of my highly empathic, in-depth and enlightening Telephone Consultations!


Libra (24th September – 23rd October) – It’s strange how when we have a gift, we often think of it as a curse, thereby mistrusting the wisdom it proffers. It’s also quite eery how we can put up a fight for something, maintain that very same struggle for aeons, only to later discover that we have forgotten what we were fighting for in the first place. You have a penchant for refinement and delicacy, fairness and balance. Though mustering a strong sense of determination can now serve your purpose, desire should  be driven by wisdom. Be patient and perspicacious. Allow me to help you relax and gain vital clarity through one of my highly empathic and enlightening In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports!


Scorpio (24th October – 23rd November) – To say that you exude confidence is an understatement. You possess and project much more of an enigmatic power than that word can do justice to. You have a certain flare that arises from the depths of your being, a strength so vast that often others are frightented of the power that you radiate. But even brilliant beacons occasionally must wane. Tempted by a desire to explore an opportunity, you have temporarily gone astray. But, this week, you can get back on track. Don’t forsake your core values. Let me help you to stay on the right track through one of my highly empathic and enlightening Telephone Consultations. Together, we’re stronger!


Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December) – No matter how confused you may be feeling, hopefully you understand that you cannot eternally maintain one foot on either side of a door you have been considering stepping through. Unless, of course, you find it enjoyable to have that very same door close on your leg. Although you are now able to see benefits in either direction, if further progress is what you desire then you will simply have to make a commitment. What path now offers you the deepest feelings of exhilaration? And, which direction feels right to your heart? In answering these questions, you will gain clarity. I can help you to gain that vital clarity you now need through one of my range of profoundly enlightening and highly empathic In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. Together, we’re stronger!


Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January) – I would never suggest that you should fake it until you make it. Superficial acts are for superficial people. You must always be true to yourself, even if it does toss a fly in the ointment. So, what I do have to say is that it is perfectly acceptable to not have a method or a plan, as long as you are willing to put forth an effort in general. Although you may now need to concede a bit of ground, it is only so that you can gain more in the near future. Sacrifice a few things that are seemingly important, but never relinquish that which you know in your heart to be sacred. Allow me to help you make some vital progress along your future path through one of my highly empathic and enlightening Telephone Consultations!


Aquarius (21st January – 19th February) – If you feel like you no longer have a sense of direction, don’t give up hope. You are going through a period of readjustment. A high degree of uncertainty is necessary so that you will eschew the tried and tested in favour of the bold and brave. Although you are becoming more familiar with being a stranger in a strange land, there are still a few more layers of skin which must be shed in order to reveal the gooey chocolatey core inside. Be patient and you shall soon complete the journey to the center of your heart. I can help you peel off some old layers through one of my highly empathic and enlightening In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. Together, we can put together a stronger You!


Pisces (20th February – 20th March) – A growing confidence is now building inside of you that can withstand the test of time. Seeds are in your hand and the Universe has granted you the boon of becoming the cosmic farmer. Where there may still be matters of disbelief or a conflict of heart, trust in your intuition. Faith and fluidity are now your greatest allies. A door may be seemingly closing in one direction. But, the seeds that are now being sown are sure to open a few more. Allow me to help you gain those vital farming skills you now need to sow a new and more pro-sperous crop through one of my highly empathic and enlightening Telephone Consultations!


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