We Don’t Have Ulterior Motives… Not US

authenticsign In looking at the situation more deeply, and also following up on my article the other day, what two nations does the US have the biggest problem with in this hemisphere? Cuba and Venezuela. Doesn’t it seem like the US would benefit from having a military presence in Haiti, which is geographically located between the two countries?

Certain voices in the world have already broached this concern. The US, which has been placed in charge of the airport in Port-au-Prince, of course, has denied the accusation, …and miraculously, all of a sudden, aid begins to be distributed. Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, with the Sun and Venus having recently moved into Aquarius, the sign associated with concepts such as humanitarianism, this crisis seems to be highlighting the fact that the world is severely lacking in this virtue. Money, greed and power do not go hand in hand with altruism. A true humanitarian act is done without the desire for recognition or reward.

As I mentioned the other day, the solar eclipse, which was also conjunct Venus, formed an aspect with Neptune (Spiritual truth) and Chiron (healing crisis), both of which occupy a section of Aquarius known in Vedic Astrology as Dhanishtha. Qualities associated with this section are recognition, or things coming to prominence, but also moving to the beat of one’s own drum.

Interesting stories have emerged in the media as these two planets continue to occupy this sector, and the Sun and Venus have moved into Aquarius. People in Haiti, whilst waiting for the aid to arrive and realising that the governments of the world, and the UN itself, are too embroiled in their power struggles and bureaucracy to put both aside for the moment and get to the work that is really important, have begun scavenging buildings for food and sharing what is found. Also, when nourishment cannot be found, other things which could be considered valuable are taken and traded for food from those who have it. Granted, sharing what little sustenance that exists is a nobler act. But, the concept of barter systems being set up is quite an Aquarian concept as well.

One of the things that are impeding the flow of aid, it is reported, is the fact that fuel supplies are running low and the same source of fuel that is being used for aid distribution, is also being used for other UN operations within the country.

The Universe seems to be making clear to us several key messages regarding the imbalances (Retrograde Saturn in Libra) on the planet. Greed and the lust for power are threatening our very survival as a species. Our mass consumption of fossil fuels needs to come to an end.

As Jupiter, on Sunday, moved into Pisces, the sign deeply connected with spirituality and sacrifice, and is being aspected by the Sun and Venus in Aquarius, we are being asked to become human in the truest sense of the word. We are being given an opportunity for awareness and a chance to relinquish our addiction to the very things which are threatening the well being of humanity, and the planet itself. Remain hopeful that more people will not turn a deaf ear, close a blind eye and shut an empty heart to what is going on around them. When we don’t listen to the lessons being offered to us, they often must, through necessity, become more prominent.

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