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Vive la Revolution – The Opposition, Square and Full Moon Parade

authenticsignHow well do you cope with pressure? When confronted with a challenge, do you rise to the occasion or hide your head in the sand? When the heat is on, it is difficult to see something that feels oppressive as our best friend. But, there are times when change is necessary, and if we are not willing to go along with the flow, then push comes to shove.

Astrologically, the pressure cooker is building up. Release can be the only result. We are building up to the last in a series of Saturn-Uranus oppositions for the next 46 or so years, on 26th July, 2010 GMT. The cycle started back in 2008, on 4th November to be exact and kicked off a number of oppositions between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. A revolution of awareness is the phrase that I would use to describe the energy of these aspects. Saturn inevitably represents authority and random Uranus represents rebellious energy. These oppositions are going out with a bang, as the last of them occurs with Uranus in the action oriented sign of Aries, and Saturn in the sign that champions justice, Libra.

This astrological energy is powerful enough, but after a month which witnessed an intense Lunar and Solar Eclipse, there are massively meaningful interactions between the planets that preclude this event. Saturn enters Libra on 21st July, then Jupiter stations before moving in retrograde motion on 23rd July prior to forming a tense aspect with Pluto on the 25th. Then, on the day of the Saturn-Uranus opposition on the 26th, there is a Full Moon in Aquarius early on in the day. When Full Moons occur along with celestial occurrences such as these, it has a tendency to build the energy to a crescendo. The cosmos designs conditions such as these so that we do not easily forget the message that they bring.

It is difficult to think of a planet such as Saturn as being helpful and positive. But Saturn is exalted in Libra, where it can operate to bring things back into balance when the scales have been too heavily tipped in the wrong direction. That which is unjust or corrupt cannot thrive during Saturn’s transit through this sign. As it will also be occupying the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni, social justice is supported.

Jupiter, on the 23rd stations before moving in retrograde motion. When a planet stations, it is the cosmic equivalent of its sitting in stillness in the sky. It shines more brightly and exudes its energy more intensely. Jupiter is in the sign of Aries and the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. Balance is supported by this nakshatra. Inspiration can bring refreshing change. But, this takes work. Action is necessary.

As Jupiter slows its motion and makes its presence powerfully felt, it is closing in on a tense aspect with Pluto, which becomes exact on 25th July. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Mula, associated with dissolution. The fact that the aspect between Jupiter and Pluto coincides with the opposition between Saturn and Uranus is powerful on the global scale. Pluto is known to be the planet most closely associated with power, and Capricorn is connected with authority and government. Sadly enough, it sometimes takes things sinking to the rock bottom before people will get fed up enough to take action. Even more devastating is that some people will still continue to live in slavery rather than liberate themselves. Poverty thrives whilst others live in gluttony and rule the lives of those less fortunate. Certainly this should not be allowed to continue.

The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs at 2:36 am GMT on the 26th July in the nakshatra of Uttara Ashadha. Victory comes to those willing to continue to strive for that which is right and true. Fear cannot triumph over the truth. All that is corrupt eventually must cower in its presence. But, there is much that is wrong in the world presently. Change takes time.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition becomes exact later in the day on the 26th, at 6:07 pm GMT. As mentioned earlier, Saturn will be in Libra passing through the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni. Uranus is in Aries, in the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. Rightfully so, we are beginning to see the crumbling of the old ways, and the beginning of the new. Economies are collapsing, corporate conglomerates are crumbling and solar aircraft are being tested.

The level to which we can usher in these changes is limited only by our awareness and willingness to do so. Some slumber whilst others awaken. Revolutions abound. People are marching for a free state in the Catalan region of Spain. The Irish are protesting in Northern Ireland, threatening to awaken an old struggle. Yet, millions of barrels of oil continue to leak daily into the Gulf of Mexico, devastating wildlife and natural environments, yet the ignorant continue to drive wasteful and status oriented gas consuming Hummers, trucks and other luxury vehicles. War is being fought in Afghanistan for a cause precious only to those with egocentric power hungry politics in their hearts, with ever increasing numbers of bodies being flown home to devastated loved ones.

The pressure is on to begin to turn over a few ‘apple carts’ and exorcise the money changers from the proverbial temple. Today marks the anniversary of Bastille Day in 1789, the beginning of the epitome of revolutionary spirit in France, when the oppressed masses rose up against their oppressors. We can either let the pressure build into a massive headache, or do something to alleviate it. Which will you choose?

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