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Venus Trine Saturn, July 2012 – A Terrible Sense of Deficiency

‘The Ultimate Destination’ – Photo Authentic Astrology

There is no greater motivation for change than the experience of hardship. It is when we can accept something no longer that the emotive impulse to do something about it is borne. Sometimes the Universe cooperates with our internal impetus, whilst at others, it resists. Regardless of the case, the drive is appropriate, for consciousness requires our active engagement in order for the evolutionary process to continue. Karma cannot be resolved without first recognising it and developing the desire to attenuate its existence.

Just as there is individual karma, there is also the same for nations and for Humanity as a whole. We are each a spoke on one Great Wheel continuing to turn, participants in the Grand Illusion which is designed for the unfolding of awareness in this Great Universal School. And whilst some of us may be all too keenly aware of the lesson plan, there are others who need a little more attention in order to be brought up to speed. We are experiencing just such a time at present, where more teachers and tutors are required; for those with wisdom must share with those who do not have it.

Change is now more urgent than ever before. Suffering increases with each day. The impulse is arising and seeds are being planted, but they will require our conscious care in order to blossom and bear sweet fruit.

On 31st July, 2012, a harmonious aspect between Venus and Saturn reaches a state of exactitude. They will form an accordant angle known as a trine. This aspect is bolstered by the fact that both planets are in Lunar Mansions which are governed by Mars, the harbinger of passion and dissatisfied disposition. As Saturn is in Libra, Venus is harmonising with a planet that is occupying a sign which it rules.The resultant effect, given the the affective inclination of Venus, is an increased dosage of desire.

Venus is in Gemini, signifying subjection to a state of duality and a choice which must be made between two seemingly contrasting paths. This energy is more finely tuned by the vibration of the Lunar Mansion of Mrigasira, which indicates discontent with a specific state of affairs.

Each of the Lunar Mansions is 13 degrees and 20 minutes of a certain section of the zodiac. Their exuding qualities can be further defined by splitting their domain into quadrants, each of which also has a specific ruler. Venus is passing through its own quadrant, as it becomes exact in its alignment with Saturn. The apex of an alignment defines its climax and culmination. So, it stands to reason that the quadrants of the Lunar Mansions that are occupied by each of the involved planets more deeply delineate the resulting destiny associated with the aspect.

Saturn, transiting the sign of Libra where it may manifest its most brilliant illumination, is positioned in a quadrant of the Lunar Mansion of Chitra that is also governed by Venus. Saturn in Chitra therefore creates a discordance with conditions experienced within one’s field of awareness and a potential determination to change one’s course of action towards one more harmonious with dharma, or the path of righteousness.

The overall result of this alignment is the possibility of realignment, following upon the heels of dissolution of a previous state of affairs, leading to a more agreeable state of existence. The precursor of such a shift is the acceptance that one must first go through a cusp phase which requires dedication and devotion to a New Way. If this opportunity is not actualised, only further suffering can be experienced as such hardship is necessary to build the fires which eventually burn through the fog of disillusionment.

We have built a world based upon a quest for the elusive goose which lays golden eggs. We print money which has no solid foundation and base success upon how much property or bits of phantasmagoric pieces of paper are owned by an individual. The only real essence is that of the soul; its physical equivalent is Nature. I leave you with the words of a Native American of the Abenaki tribe:

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

‘Your people are driven by a terrible sense of deficiency. When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.’

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