Venus Trine Neptune

authenticsign The creative process is seldom defined. Often one begins with an idea in mind, then, upon development, one is taken on a journey to a destination that is quite different from the one that had been envisaged. The journey of the soul through consciousness often proceeds in the same manner. We can think that we are heading in a specific direction, only to later find ourselves in a space quite foreign to the one which we had imagined. Whether this is refreshing or disconcerting depends upon our attitude.

Then there are those moments when we have absolutely no concept of where we are going, nor of what we are meant to be doing. Such times can often be quite confusing and alarming. But, again, it depends upon the manner in which we approach it. The less our expectations, the easier the process.

This Saturday, 4th September, at 6:11 pm GMT, Venus becomes exact in a harmonious aspect known as a trine with Neptune. The watery Neptune can be the cause of quite a lot of uncertainty. It demands of our imagination in a quest for spiritual truth. Neptune is currently transiting the sign of Aquarius, and the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha. Recognition of individuality and fulfilment of one’s destiny are the prerequisites for prosperity. The difficult angle on this is that we are not always aware of who we are in authenticity. A desire for deeper knowledge and a willingness for self-acceptance can help in each moment to guide us in the proper direction.

Venus is presently passing through the sign of Libra, where it is quite comfortable. It is also transiting the lunar mansion of Chitra. We don’t always know which step to take next, or what is the right thing to do. Venus’ part within this aspect is asking us to listen to the wisdom within our heart. The heart is the balancing point between individual consciousness and the collective. With it’s input, listening to what feels to be the best and fairest path to take, we stand the greatest chance of being creative in alignment with our soul.

A lack of clarity need not always be something to dread. A surprising outcome need not be feared. Approach each decision with a sense of adventure, trusting in that which seems to be best within the moment. At the very least, you can be at peace with yourself for listening to your heart. Regardless of where you may find yourself as a result, the destination stands to be truly rewarding.

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