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Venus Square Jupiter December 2011 – Stirring the Hornet’s Nest

The Burning of the Empire

Have you ever, unknowingly disturbed a hornet’s nest? Trust me, it is not something which one would purposefully wish to do. But, out of ignorance or blind action, it does happen. And in self-defence, they swarm and sting. Yet, if the weather is inclemently cold, stunted, they may miss their target. And if a thick smokescreen is available, they will be confused and similarly be warded away. But, when it warms sufficiently and the smokescreen subsides, one would be well served to maintain a safe distance and no longer poke or provoke.

Sometimes there can be a spark, but the environment is not right for a fire to burn. Then at other times, the stage is set for a raging conflagration. So, with flint and fuel, should we resign when the spark won’t ignite? It would seemingly be wise to continue, for all it takes is one moment. And it will come with its season. That time is rapidly approaching.

Venus, at the foundation of its spiritual function, is the champion of Higher Values, Refinement and Ethics. Venus enters the Revolutionary, Radical and Humanitarian sign of Aquarius on 20th December, 2011 GMT. Then, in the following days, it forms profoundly transformative and provocative aspects which must eventually bear Fruit bitter to those who thrive on Dark Control, yet sweet to the Righteous.

Venus is presently transiting the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Ashadha. The Pure Heart, driven by a desire for Justice, is not thwarted by apparent hurdles, yet instead, continually faces them seemingly failing until the one moment when victory is finally tasted. And, as Venus is entering Altruistic Aquarius, the downtrodden shall eventually have their day.

Faith can be shaken to the core, hope lost. It happens. It is all part of the process. But, with the celestial climate currently present, devotion will yield reward. Jupiter, on 21st December, forms a tense aspect with Venus, all the more challenging as Jupiter is presently occupying Taurus,  over which Venus resides. Jupiter is currently occupying the Lunar Mansion of Ashwini, which governs swiftness and rapid solutions. Progress may be seemingly stalled at present as Jupiter is slowing its Retrograde motion in preparation for its shift forward as it stations direct on Christmas Day. Yet, although the moment may not be appropriate for some things, it is for others. Time is delivering its Boon in the form of a buildup of intensity to be unleashed at a later date.

In conjunction with the aforementioned astrological developments, Venus will also be forming a highly inflammatory angle with Mars, presently in Critical and Detail Oriented Virgo. Humanity is desperately in need of a New Social Contract. As Mars is presently transiting the Lunar Mansion connected with agreements which herald progress, Purva Phalguni, we find ourselves in a time of a deepening diametric opposition globally with a widening gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. Criticism is conscientious when directed at ignorant insanity dangerous to the environment and Humanity as a whole. And, plateaux cannot be reached without a climb. Although dissent is more prominent than accord, it is necessary to the Creative Process. Strength must be mustered with which to break the Old Shackles, and from this dissolution New Bonds may be formed which are beneficial to more than just the elite.

Venus, on the Solstice, also forms a harmonious alignment with Revolutionary and Evolutionary Uranus in Aries, stirred to a frenzy by the aspect between Mars, the ruler of Aries, and Venus. Uranus promises change for Humanity that is more collectively concordant and homogenous. But, we are only just now planting the seeds. Anger is often frowned upon in spiritual circles, yet when harnessed and channeled appropriately, it fuels the fires of impetus. It is proper to be indignant in the face of injustice and to utilise this energy to topple the Oppressors.

Frustration is unpleasant, but the Fires of Rage that build in its furnace are a force to be reckoned with. It warms the Winter Winds and lights the way through the Illusion perpetrated by the Grand Illusionists. The Hornet’s nest is stirring and the time for stinging drawing nigh.

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