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Venus Sextile Jupiter January 2012 – The Healing Voyage of the Valiant

Facing the Tide of Transformation

Ever find yourself stuck on the side of a hill or mountain? There is something which piques your interest from above. You start climbing, and somewhere along the route, you reach an impasse. It is too difficult to climb further up, but also too perilous to turn back. A choice needs to be made, but no acceptable options seem available.

How about when you are starting a project? There is something unacceptable in the look or feel of your living environment. But, in order to alter it to a condition that is more conducive, you must first erase completely that with which you are confronted. And once you do, there is no turning back. Seems we are sometimes faced with such moments. We can procrastinate in hopes of a better solution. But, doing so may be more painful or challenging than deciding to dive in whole-heartedly, even if we are unsure if we are making the right choice.

This dilemma becomes all the more intense when we are faced with such a syndrome on the evolutionary scale. All too often we have learnt the outcome of past mistakes with a Karmic Slap in the Face only to wish that we would have opted for another path. A crisis alerts us to an imbalance. In order to restore Equanimity, the healing salve must be applied, even if administering the remedy also stings.

Approaching on the heels of a recent Mercury Pluto conjunction comes a host of aspects involving Venus, newly arrived in the watery sign of Pisces after itself having conjuncted Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, on the same day as the Mercury Pluto aspect. On 15th January, Venus forms harmonious aspects with both Jupiter and Uranus. These two planets are also forming an accordant alliance, making the opportunity for Transformation and Progress all the more potent.

But first, Venus suggests that we must discover if and where we might have been indulgent in Self-Delusion. Venus in Pisces is passing through the Lunar Mansion of Shatabhisha, representing a healing process preceded by Obfuscation. Where Vision is obscured, we must allow the mist to clear away and face the luminescence which Lights the Way, even if its rays make us feel somewhat vulnerable. It is no longer helpful to remain in bed with the covers overhead hiding from the bogeyman. He must be faced valiantly.

Uranus, the representative of all things Radical, Revolutionary and Unexpected is presently in Aries from which it forms a harmonious angle, known as a semi-sextile, with Venus. As Uranus is passing through the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, its energy is stormy and passionate, allowing a build up of energy to be released at the appropriate moment, which now approaches. Its outcome, though seemingly intense, promises refreshing change for all involved.

Expansive Jupiter is currently gaining speed in direct motion after its recent Retrograde period and gaining ground in Headstrong Taurus, its momentum becoming more powerful with each moment. It is currently transiting the Lunar Mansion of Ashwini. It too is forming a 60 degree angle with Venus, known as a sextile. Rapid growth is now possible for those daring enough to explore the possibilities available. But, vigilance will also not go unrewarded. Haste can make waste, so heed the clarity of discernment when and where it presents itself.

The powerful flurry of therapeutic Venusian Verve is bolstered by another concordant connection between Mercury and Saturn on the same day. Slow and Steady Saturn, exalted in Balanced Libra ruled by Venus seeks refinement and fairness. It is presently occupying the Lunar Mansion of Chitra. The Heart, guided by the Truth of the Soul and its Ethics, is the Pulse of Proper Action that harbours no further karmic burden. As Saturn creates a quintile with Mercury in Capricorn in the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha, then if an attempt is made to be clear of the influence of Ego,  inspiration may invigorate with clear Courage and Wisdom.

Venus in Pisces asks that we sacrifice our hesitancy on the Altar of Uncertainty with trust in its therapeutic Virtue. The Waters of Pisces call to calmer shores for those dauntless in Spirit and ready for adventure.

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