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Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn January 2012 – Castles Made of Sand

Venus in Pisces

Thursday 26th January – Venus (Pisces) sesquiquadrate Saturn (Libra); Saturday 28th January – Sun (Aquarius) seaquiquadrate Mars (Virgo)

‘And so castles made of sand, slip into the sea eventually’ – Jimi Hendrix

The Heart of the Dreamer forgets that his feet walk the Realm of the Material in sobriety, bound to the practical by the cycle of cause and effect, or karma. So it is that he must find a balance and learn to walk the mystical path with practical feet. It is not that his dreams are fantasies, impossible to realise. For the truth of the matter is that they have been realised within the plan of the ethereal. They are planted as seeds from the spirit that require nourishment from the Hands of Time before they are able to blossom. They are aspirations; potential. And it may be that within the constraint of one lifetime, we never see the harvest of the sowing, the reasons of which may be many. Sometimes, it is as simple as the fact that not everyone shares the same vision. The ideal of one heart is the antithesis of another. Such is duality. And, when such conflict is present, when seeming restriction is placed upon our endeavours, we must accept Fate’s Hand as one that bears a gift. For we learn from our challenges.

Two tense aspects ask, this week, that we listen to the presence of Universal Wisdom, for although our greatest desires may not be attained, through hearing comes prosperity. On Thursday 26th January, Venus in Pisces forms a stormy aspect known as a sesquiquadrate with Saturn in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. Two days later, the Sun, newly arrived in Aquarius forms the same degree of aspect with retrograde Mars in Virgo.

Venus, transiting the Lunar Mansion of Purva Bhadrapada, suggests an inspiring vision. But, simply said, it is just that. All too often our mind races when it becomes inspired to the extent that expectations become unrealistic. Or, we sometimes put the cart before the horse, making more misery of our lives than we would be subject to if we practiced instead a bit of patience. Before we can reap the harvest of our dreams, we must first till the fields, which may occasionally be rocky and not suitable for planting. Purification is necessary.

Saturn, transiting the Lunar Mansion of Chitra, asks that we examine whether the actions taken to reach a specific conclusion are aligned with our soul. Do the ends justify the means? If not, we do our souls a disservice through our pursuits. Further karma is encumbered rather than a load lightened. And although it may be aggravating to accept an alternative, the result is more Universally beneficial. A balance is needed.

Retrograde Mars in Uttara Phalguni propels our perception inwards; dissatisfaction, frustration and perhaps even depression the guiding forces. All of which require self-reflection in order for passions to be quenched. Soul searching is necessary. Impetuous action is not favoured. The Soul seeks agreement with Mind and Heart. Courage wins the day, and its moment will be known upon its arrival.

With the Sun in Sravana, a promise is given that if a turbulent Path can be steadied with feet firmly grounded, the answer can be sensed and known. When a mind races, it listens not and keeps Destiny at bay, so it must trumpet its tune in a more thunderous manner.

An opportunity of deepening Awareness and Prosperity is upon us. But, a firm foundation must be built. It is not that we should forsake our dreams, for their existence is vital to progress. But, haste makes waste and weakness; further toiling and tarrying. Although much may not be brought to fruition, there are many things that may. And their time IS now. That in itself is heartening. Some sacrifices may be essential to the process.

But Sacrifice exalts Sanctity of the Soul and ensures that castles made of sand do not slip into the sea, yet stand boldly.

To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.”  (Khalil Gibran)

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